Archived: NAINA SHAHI, collecting water from a river 

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Oxfam GB

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South Asia




Bhatteghari village, Surket District, midwestern Nepal


Climate Change


Oxfam GB/International

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Oxfam GB


20 August 09


Caroline Gluck/Oxfam


Caroline Gluck/Oxfam


“My husband moved to India to find work three years ago.

“Before going to India, my husband worked on the family farm. That was before the landslides. We used to grow enough food to feed the family.

“Now, the size of our crops is much smaller. If my husband didn’t move to India, we wouldn’t be able to feed the family. In India, he can earn money and buy food so everyone can eat.

“My husband stopped farming because this place is not good for growing crops.We need to earn money to bring up the children. Although we might be hungry, children need to be fed first.

“We don’t have good crops here because there is no irrigation. There is not enough rainfall for the crops to grow well. We don’t have drinking water and it will take 2-3 hours to get water from the river.

“During the monsoon, we get flooded. During the dry season, the river bank dries out. Now, we have an outbreak of diarrhoea in the village.

“We are drinking water from the river. Sometimes we drink water from other sources. But those sources are dirty and have insects. It causes diarrhoea, but there is a scarcity of drinking water in the village.

“I have 5 kettha of land, including the house and cow shed. Only 2 kettha is for farming. Until now, we havent managed to grow anything. Last year, we couldn’t grow any crops. Both the summer and winter crops failed. We couldn’t grow a thing.

“We buy food on credit. And we pay for it when my husband comes back from India with cash he has earnt there..

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